Elements of Calculus (Math 113)

Math 113- 001


  • To help students obtain basic calculus concepts by way of an integrated approach.
  • To promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills through the application of basic calculus concepts to common situations.
  • To enhance learning and understanding of basic calculus concepts through the integrated use of graphing calculators.
  • To promote and utilize the “Rule of Four”: All concepts are explored algebraically, numerically, graphically and in context with applications.


PPL 60+ or or SAT I MSS 640 or ACT MATH 26+ or recent Math 108(C or hgiher), Math 112(C or higher) or one recent course from MATH 113, 116 , or 120R.

Test scores expire after 1 year. Some students may need to take Math 100, then Math 112 first.


Applied Calculus (Fifth Edition), by Hughes-Hallett, et al. and WileyPlus. The WileyPlus website is where you will access your homework assignments, and it also includes many learning tools, such as interactive tutorials and self quizzes.


The Math 113 final exam is held in your usual classroom, on the date and time prescribed by the UA Calendar for Final Exams.

To find the date and time, go to http://www.registrar.arizona.edu/students/courses/final-exams, select the current semester, then scroll down and click on the link for the Exam Schedule for Tu/Th or M/W/F classes (whichever matches your normal class meeting time).